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Yukon jewellery designer, Esther Winter, has been creating handcrafted jewellery since 1995. Over the years she has enjoyed creating different jewellery collections. Birch Paper Dreams is Esther's most recent jewellery collection which was inspired by her very close ties with nature. Not a day goes by without Esther taking time to walk in nature and appreciate all of the subtle changes that happen from day to day and season to season.

Birch paper, a natural canvas for the artwork of nature.

Esther and her family live in the small community of Mayo, Yukon. Her family enjoys "city-time" when travelling throughout western Canada to take part in Trade Shows and Christmas Craft Shows. They also enjoy the balance of spending time at home in Mayo. Esther makes an observation about life in her small community: "There is a peacefulness here that comes from living in the middle of the Yukon wilderness with people who choose to go through life in an unhurried way."

Winter-Sinnot Family

Creative Process

Esther collects birch paper from the Alaska Paper Birch trees (Betula neoalaskana) in the forest near her community. The outer layers of birch paper naturally peel off and can be sustainably removed without causing any damage to the tree.

Esther's photographs of flora and fauna are copied onto a transparent film. The birch paper and photograph are inset in a sterling silver casing and capped with domed glass.

collecting birch paper

Photo Credits:

Floral photographs inset in jewellery - Esther Winter

Birch Paper Dreams model & finished jewellery - Maggie Leary

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